Sunday, October 11, 2009


Forgive me dear blog coz i have sinned, I have not put up a post in like a gazillion years. I promise to address that. Well I have been partially around reading and commenting. I have finally gone bac to resume my primary assignment in a local high school and I teach Literature -in -English. Teaching, I have realized is not easy and in this case where the pupils are coerced into getting an education, It could be a nightmare. Piding English is the lingua franca here and they expect me to speak it to them in class. Hell no, I am not going down dat road with them. The kids sometimes laugh at and mimick the way I speak but I am not bugged. I'm learing to slow down when I speak sha! Asides from that, It's been alrite, I have realized that I can live without some things and that I should stop second-guessing myself. P.s: I think blogsville is changing, a lot of people are being swept away by the twitter tide. Chari and Buttercup have left. I'll miss them more than they know. I think the reason for the exodus is that blogging has fufilled it's purpose in their lives and its time to move on. I wish em all the best. I'll be back soon (hopefully) ciao.