Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chop Chop Chop.

Yup! You guessed right. I av done the big chop and i am rocking my low cut and i absolutely adore my new look. This is sumtin i've wanted to do for a while, i told my roomates bout it and they were like no way that people already say that i act like a man and if i cut my hair, nobody will marry me (hehehehe. I cut it d next day. Yeah, i'm defiant like dat). By the way, did i tell u that that is all my roomates eva talk about: husband husband husband. Sometimes they'll discuss man till my ears start aching. I personally think i look better now coz my long hair wasn't tidy coz i was uninterested and tired of it. Check out d reactions wen i got bac, it was shock at first and later they were like no be u? Why are we even suprised sef. Hours later, it started raining heavily and we (my roomate and i) came out bathing, singing and dancing in d rain. It shows that the heavens are in favour of my haircut. Abi? So here is my two kobo, if you wanna cut your hair or go natural, do it and i assure u, the only question u are gonna ask urself is 'why didn't i do this earlier?' p.s: i am technologically challenged, hence i do not know how to put up a pic but i'll try to fig it out sha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True love

Hi everyone, these days when i'm gisting with friends (u see in this corpers lodge, there is notin much to do so there's a lot of gisting) we tend to talk a lot bout relationships, men, women, cheating and the reasons for doing so. The general concensus among my people here is that there is no faithful man and as long as he respects you by not flaunting his affairs in ur face, then you couldn't wish for a better husband. My insides literally churn when i hear this view and especially if they are held by the female folk. WHAAAAAT? So they are preparing themselves for a lifetime of unfaithfullness and bulls**t? No be me, i dont roll that way. In the course of trying to present my view, sumbody calls me unsubmissive (i cant even fit to laff) dude was going on and on, giving advice to the femalefolk on how to keep their men and condone their cheating philandeering ways, he advices that women should not fight/confront their cheating spouses but instead pamper them, have their food ready run him a hot/cold bath as the case maybe, make ur body available for him (in case he wants dessert after chopping anoda woman belleful?), then he'll see the error in his ways and change, and i say lai lai and dude says that he can already tell that i aint the submissive type. na u sabi, Submissive and mumu arent synonyms in my dictionary. So what am i trying to say? I believe that as a 'good' girl with morals and values, i deserve the same and won't settle for less, i was conceived, born and brought up in love, so i expect noting less than what i have to give. This morning, i was talking to my parents bout my masters programme and i asked where they were and they replied in my neighbours compound getting water coz our plumbing went bad, they stay alone as my younger ones are in school, they call it their second honeymoon. I could just imagine the two of them standing at the tap and gisting. After 23 years of marriage, my dad calls my mum his girlfriend, kisses her in public and he is not ashamed to declare his love for her anywhere. And now some random boy is telling me to accept that i will marry an unfaithful man? No way! To whom much is given much is expected. I have seen true love and i'm gonna get mine! *wish me luck*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go shorty! It's ur birthday.

Yeah it's my day. *doing the dance* i'm really grateful for being alive, i thank God for all he has done and he is yet to do. My day has been wonderful, i've gotten various calls, texts and facebook wall posts. The highlight of my day was wen i grogilly picked up my dad's cal around 7a.m only to hear him and my mum singing me a birthday song and said a whole lot of prayers for me, it made me feel really special. I'm still collecting gifts by d way.