Monday, December 26, 2011

Thankful post

Hi People, Compliments of the season! Hope y'all had a merry christmas? Its almost 3 am on boxing day and I'm watching a random indian movie and I realized I just wanted to blog.
Hope 2011 was good to you all? If it was, fab! If it wasn't let's watch and pray for a better 2012 for us all. 2011 in retrospect for me has been topsy turvy, there were highly high times and lowly low ones as well buh all in all, I am thankful for the only reason I am here and able to analyse my year is coz I am alive and that is a priviledge I have learnt never to underestimate.
To my creator, sustainer and rock, I am ever grateful for your love and unending mercy, I love you Lord.
I have been highly favoured in the friend department, I do not have a lot of them but this little bunch of people have been a pillar of support, laughed with me in the good times and have comforted me in d bad times. They are friends that do not demand explanations but just love me regardless: To D, T and F, thank you guys! I totally love and appericate you all in my life and for putting up with me coz I know I can be a tad bit looney sometimes.
To my family, 2011 has been real hard but I am grateful for togetherness despite all odds! And speaking of togetherness, I heard great news about a couple last night and I pray it only gets better.
To my boyfriend, you have been a gift to me and you are definately one of the high's in 2011. I love the way that you love me, and I hope we only get better. I totally love you T.
To all others that have crossed their paths and have crossed mine too, thanks for being a part of me year. Some of you have been a blessing and some a lesson; I am grateful for both.
I am not a new year resolution person coz I never keep to them (who does actually?) In 2012, I want to be a better person; a better child, a better sister,a better friend, a better girlfriend, better all round. So help me God, Amen.
Here is wishing you all a fairy tale ending to 2011 and a wonderful 2012.
_With Love from me, Oluwasumptuous

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It has been ages, don't think anyone comes here anymore. I am sad and this is the only place I could think of coming. A lot has happened since the last time I was here. I've been through all kinds of drama in the last one year; mild ones and huge ones too but through it all, I am alive. One of the best things that happened to me was meeting T. I have given up tryin to explain that thing bout him buh I have found out that it is unexplainable, so I'll just leave it at that.
He has been so wonderful that is why this hurts me to the core. T lost his bestfriend and mentor. The last one week has been really sad for him and sadly I have not been there for him,(not only physically).
I have been very fortunate when it comes to loosing loved ones (I pray this luck holds) as I am one of those people who do not know how to handle losses. I just withdraw and go numb, hence it becomes hard for me to console people who are greiving. So obviously in the last one week I have been in a World of my own and not being as supportive as I ought to be, basically I have been a selfish b**tch.I just dunno what to say or do coz I imagine It will never be adequate. I feel really bad and I wanna be better, buh I'm at a loss, dunno where to start.
R.I.P Pastor Engr Kenny Adelore, I may not have met you before but I have heard nothing short of positive things about you and I appericiate that you have been instumental to shaping T to the man that he is today, and for that I am highly grateful. I pray God grants your family, friends, and loved ones fortitude ti bear your loss. Amen.