Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am in a kinda fix! I need help people! I love writting (fact). The major reason I have a blog is to create an outlet. I hardly talk bout my feelings, instead I write them down. There's a lot of bloggable stuff happening in my life and I'll love to write bout them but there is a glitch, he knows bout my blog. We started out being friends and I innocently told him bout my blog and he reads my posts, but now he has become a major player in my love life and I cant update coz I know he'll read it. I dont know what to do. I'm thinking bout changing my blog address but I'm sure he'll find me and that will make me look like I've got sumtin to hide. Dont you think so? Or maybe I should just delete this blog and re-enter blogsville as anonymous? But then again, this is my blog and I wanna write what I want. So here is an appeal to 'Him'. Pls stop reading my blog. (ehen, I've said my own, dont say I didn't warn u o!). So blogsville, I need ur help, can anyone profer solution to my dilema?