Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My current state of Mind.

My insides feel weak, awful, like im gonna puke or something. I just broke up with him (was that even a relationship to start with?) well, we ended 'it' and i'm still trying to locate my feelings. Spliting up was definately the best option as the attraction between us was purely physical. I also found out that he has a girlfriend. We were togeda for d wrong reasons, I was curious about him coz of the air of mystery around him, like a man who's got a secret, he got closer to me coz he likes my guts, confidence and outspoken manner. He says the only time he gets to speak correct, fluent English is when he is with me, he says I have helped to develop his vocab and I challenge him mentally. INSULT!!! So the only thing I meant to him was a freaking dictionary? I'm the kind of girl that doesn't shut up for you in an argument just because u are a guy. Lai lai, find another excuse. I got the hint that he thinks we cant work coz I aint submissive (that word makes me laugh), It has been misconstrued especially by guys, they are quick to make reference to the Bible about submissiveness and they neglect the part where God asks the men to respect the women. I submit, you respect me bac and we are cool, but I submit and u walk ova me like a footmat, that aint gonna happen. I miss him, i can still smell him on my shirt from the last time he held me (sumbodi beg me to wash that shirt coz i still keep sniffing it). My emotions are all over the place, I feel like crap. Funny thing is that this dreadful feeling sets in wen it gets dark and i'm alone, then i find my thoughts going bac to him. But once it's daytime I get occupied and there is hardly any chance to mope over him. I know that i am strong, i can do this! I need u guys to pray for me so i can recover from a broken heart. P.s: I know it seems like i always come here to whine and complain, that's just coz this is the only place I can do that. I'll try to put up cheerful post though.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


*peeks in shyly, waves around* Hi, My name is sumptuous and this used to/is my blog. Well i'm back (hopefully). Thanks to every one that commented on my previous post giving me advice, to all my followers, thank you. I feel like I don't deserve you guys. It's been like 3 months now and I almost dont know how to blog again. I'm still serving naija in the niger-delta region sha, made a whole lot of friends, gotten closer to my roomies, cried a lot, laughed a whole lot more, watched a ridiculous amount of naija movies, fallen in love, fallen outta love again, i've even gone to hating and despising menfolk, but we are cool right now sha (I think!). My broda now has a black belt in Taekwondo (so dont mess with me). Somebody needs to tell my roomates to get off my case this morning. I said I'll go to church, wetin come remain? Stop dragging off my blanket jare, It's cold jo. Yeah, u guessed right, I'm in bed typing on my mobile. Ehen, I remember sumtin else, my bestie found my blog. This how it happened, u know me I kuku like story. Well, babes calls me up, tells me she just acquired a 'bb' and knowing that i be online junkie, she asks me fun stuff she could do online and I suggest reading blogs, I then text girlfriend a random blog address. Fast foward to around, I get a text from homegirl calling me a fool girl (I love u D) that she had read my blog, the blog address I gave her had me on the bloglist, she loved it and was thinking of starting hers. Now she says she will be anonymous and she wont gimme her address. Abegi, what does she wanna write that I dont know about? Mscheeew! Well, girlfriend, bring it ON, I'm gonna find you. I gisted my roomies bout how my mom always talks bout how her 'spiritman' does not agree to do something or some ish like that and I usually ask her why not 'spiritwoman' since she is a woman (hope u get my attempt at a joke, I know I suck). Well, my roomies now say 'spiritman' One told me while ironing her clothes that her spiritman told her to wear dat dress. Another one says she'll start creaming her body with groundnut oil coz of d harmattan. Crazy gals, I kid ye not. I've gotta go now, hope this counts as a post and I've been forgiven for my absence. My hand aches already and my tummy is rumbling. Peace out.