Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming up for air

And the award for the most neglected blog goes to *drumroll* *silence* SUMPTUOUS! *applause* my speech: "thank u thank u thank u *sniffing* you all are too kind and i want to dedicate this award to ........" Dont mind me jor, lets get serious. How are y'all doing ? Me, i am fine and back in lagos. I've been thinking what next after youth service and i'm trying to get into PG school. I've written the qualifying exams and now its fingers crossed hoping for the best but for the moment i'm just having a field day watching a truckload of movies and gathering ammo for the task ahead. It's my mamma's 50th bday on sunday and we are gonna be having a low key get together at home so for now it's work work work for me and on the down side, i've got a hollow tooth so 'touch & go' has been my companion for the last couple of days and i'm afraid i wont be able to enjoy all the medemede from the bday. I dread going to d dentist coz an extraction for me is like labour (trust me, i know wat i'm sayin) even though i neva get belle b4 talkless of born pikin but that ish is painfull mehn or pressure like the dentist call it. On to boy matters, i've been in lag for like 3 weeks now and i'm dying to see smiley (remember him 4rm an old post?) but i guess we are both frontin an trying to act like it aint important. He should just call me and put me outta my misery jor or maybe i'll cal him but not yet coz i havent fronted enuf. Shebi? All in all, i've been ok and i just thought to pop in and say hi b4 they collect my blog from my hand for neglet. Peace out!