Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Friends.

I woke up dis morning and for no particular reason, all i can think about are my friends. In uni, we were a group of 7 girls, we lived in d same hall, 5 of us studied the same course and the other 2 also studied the same course. We did everything together: ate together, played, fought, cried and laughed together, they were my support system and i could tell them anything on my mind, all i had to do was throw it open to the house. Well, fast foward to some 10 months after uni, we are all scattered all over Nigeria doing NYSC. I maintain contact with only 2 as the rest have gone AWOL. It just strikes me as funny coz we used to talk bout stuff we would do together in the future. Then again, they say 20 kids cannot play together for 20 years. *sighs*