Monday, August 16, 2010


Exactly a year ago, i wandered into blogsville like a lost puppy seeking an outlet to bare my mind on my many 'issues'. I been lucky to meet supportive, kind people with listening ears and advice, i appericiate you all. Even though i have not met most of my blogfam in person, I believe we are family related by blog. To myne whitman (you are one person, i am sure is always there), neo (my sista, where u dey na?) ms 'dufa (where at thou?) sir scribbles (numero uno baby!) chari and buttercup (blogsville's numba one couple, hope u guys are doin fine), naijabadboi, tresor lekado (crazy chic, u just abandoned ship abi?) david, darkneo, bsnc, leggy, bbb (my sista in the ajuwaya struggle), nkaytchee, ada (the busy bee), iphyigbogurl, onosetale (the damsel) sierra, trish, zel, vanity, tricia, sugasuga, I love you all, gracias muchos. Please forgive me if i forgot to mention anyone. I pray the blogfam gets bigger and better. Sidebar: I got to hangout with 'smiley' yesterday and it was really cool.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cant tink of one!

The right side of my head hurts like crazy. Yeah i had the tooth extracted and just like i feared, it was tres painful, from the tooth breaking into two and later discovering anoda shard of bone in my gum wen i was bout to leave. I just taya, i cried like no mans business coz it really hurt. I asked my mum which is more painful btwn an extraction and childbirth and she just looked at me and gave me a pitiful smile. Na wa oh, God dey. Ehen, talking bout childbirth reminds me of a friend of mine while serving, she was my roomate and she had a boyfriend/fiance back at home but then she met a random dude she was attracted to, had sex once and she was preggers. Now she is in a dilema, she cant av an abortion coz baby father wants her to keep the baby but i dont think he wants her as part of the deal and i'm tinking even if he marries her, is that what they both want? She wont know if he married her coz he wanted to or had no choice, it seems pitiful to me. I just feel bad that i am far away from her and wish there was more i could do coz i can imagine how she is feeling. I just dunno why i'm awake thinking different thoughts and this headache aint helping at all. I'll stop now and put up a post when in a better frame of mind. *peace*