Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi every one, it has been such a long time and i was even suprised that my password actually worked! How has everyone been? Just checking in and i hope to come around soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Exactly a year ago, i wandered into blogsville like a lost puppy seeking an outlet to bare my mind on my many 'issues'. I been lucky to meet supportive, kind people with listening ears and advice, i appericiate you all. Even though i have not met most of my blogfam in person, I believe we are family related by blog. To myne whitman (you are one person, i am sure is always there), neo (my sista, where u dey na?) ms 'dufa (where at thou?) sir scribbles (numero uno baby!) chari and buttercup (blogsville's numba one couple, hope u guys are doin fine), naijabadboi, tresor lekado (crazy chic, u just abandoned ship abi?) david, darkneo, bsnc, leggy, bbb (my sista in the ajuwaya struggle), nkaytchee, ada (the busy bee), iphyigbogurl, onosetale (the damsel) sierra, trish, zel, vanity, tricia, sugasuga, I love you all, gracias muchos. Please forgive me if i forgot to mention anyone. I pray the blogfam gets bigger and better. Sidebar: I got to hangout with 'smiley' yesterday and it was really cool.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cant tink of one!

The right side of my head hurts like crazy. Yeah i had the tooth extracted and just like i feared, it was tres painful, from the tooth breaking into two and later discovering anoda shard of bone in my gum wen i was bout to leave. I just taya, i cried like no mans business coz it really hurt. I asked my mum which is more painful btwn an extraction and childbirth and she just looked at me and gave me a pitiful smile. Na wa oh, God dey. Ehen, talking bout childbirth reminds me of a friend of mine while serving, she was my roomate and she had a boyfriend/fiance back at home but then she met a random dude she was attracted to, had sex once and she was preggers. Now she is in a dilema, she cant av an abortion coz baby father wants her to keep the baby but i dont think he wants her as part of the deal and i'm tinking even if he marries her, is that what they both want? She wont know if he married her coz he wanted to or had no choice, it seems pitiful to me. I just feel bad that i am far away from her and wish there was more i could do coz i can imagine how she is feeling. I just dunno why i'm awake thinking different thoughts and this headache aint helping at all. I'll stop now and put up a post when in a better frame of mind. *peace*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming up for air

And the award for the most neglected blog goes to *drumroll* *silence* SUMPTUOUS! *applause* my speech: "thank u thank u thank u *sniffing* you all are too kind and i want to dedicate this award to ........" Dont mind me jor, lets get serious. How are y'all doing ? Me, i am fine and back in lagos. I've been thinking what next after youth service and i'm trying to get into PG school. I've written the qualifying exams and now its fingers crossed hoping for the best but for the moment i'm just having a field day watching a truckload of movies and gathering ammo for the task ahead. It's my mamma's 50th bday on sunday and we are gonna be having a low key get together at home so for now it's work work work for me and on the down side, i've got a hollow tooth so 'touch & go' has been my companion for the last couple of days and i'm afraid i wont be able to enjoy all the medemede from the bday. I dread going to d dentist coz an extraction for me is like labour (trust me, i know wat i'm sayin) even though i neva get belle b4 talkless of born pikin but that ish is painfull mehn or pressure like the dentist call it. On to boy matters, i've been in lag for like 3 weeks now and i'm dying to see smiley (remember him 4rm an old post?) but i guess we are both frontin an trying to act like it aint important. He should just call me and put me outta my misery jor or maybe i'll cal him but not yet coz i havent fronted enuf. Shebi? All in all, i've been ok and i just thought to pop in and say hi b4 they collect my blog from my hand for neglet. Peace out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is finished

Hi people, it's been a while, let's just blame it on lack of inspiration. I just told myself i was to blog today, haba! wetin? 24th June 2010. NYSC is over and i'm gonna be getting my 'pali' (certificate) today. How i feel? Mixed feelings! I'm gonna miss ALL the friends i have made but at the same time, glad that i'm moving on. I miss my family die! It is with a heavy heart that i say good bye to the service year and I wanna thank ALL my blogsville friends for taking me thru this 'different' year of mi life. I'm highly grateful. Congratulations to my blog sista BBB too. Most importantly, shout out to Baba God for surviving one year in the niger delta. Ko easy mehn. P.s: I shall be back soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chop Chop Chop.

Yup! You guessed right. I av done the big chop and i am rocking my low cut and i absolutely adore my new look. This is sumtin i've wanted to do for a while, i told my roomates bout it and they were like no way that people already say that i act like a man and if i cut my hair, nobody will marry me (hehehehe. I cut it d next day. Yeah, i'm defiant like dat). By the way, did i tell u that that is all my roomates eva talk about: husband husband husband. Sometimes they'll discuss man till my ears start aching. I personally think i look better now coz my long hair wasn't tidy coz i was uninterested and tired of it. Check out d reactions wen i got bac, it was shock at first and later they were like no be u? Why are we even suprised sef. Hours later, it started raining heavily and we (my roomate and i) came out bathing, singing and dancing in d rain. It shows that the heavens are in favour of my haircut. Abi? So here is my two kobo, if you wanna cut your hair or go natural, do it and i assure u, the only question u are gonna ask urself is 'why didn't i do this earlier?' p.s: i am technologically challenged, hence i do not know how to put up a pic but i'll try to fig it out sha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True love

Hi everyone, these days when i'm gisting with friends (u see in this corpers lodge, there is notin much to do so there's a lot of gisting) we tend to talk a lot bout relationships, men, women, cheating and the reasons for doing so. The general concensus among my people here is that there is no faithful man and as long as he respects you by not flaunting his affairs in ur face, then you couldn't wish for a better husband. My insides literally churn when i hear this view and especially if they are held by the female folk. WHAAAAAT? So they are preparing themselves for a lifetime of unfaithfullness and bulls**t? No be me, i dont roll that way. In the course of trying to present my view, sumbody calls me unsubmissive (i cant even fit to laff) dude was going on and on, giving advice to the femalefolk on how to keep their men and condone their cheating philandeering ways, he advices that women should not fight/confront their cheating spouses but instead pamper them, have their food ready run him a hot/cold bath as the case maybe, make ur body available for him (in case he wants dessert after chopping anoda woman belleful?), then he'll see the error in his ways and change, and i say lai lai and dude says that he can already tell that i aint the submissive type. na u sabi, Submissive and mumu arent synonyms in my dictionary. So what am i trying to say? I believe that as a 'good' girl with morals and values, i deserve the same and won't settle for less, i was conceived, born and brought up in love, so i expect noting less than what i have to give. This morning, i was talking to my parents bout my masters programme and i asked where they were and they replied in my neighbours compound getting water coz our plumbing went bad, they stay alone as my younger ones are in school, they call it their second honeymoon. I could just imagine the two of them standing at the tap and gisting. After 23 years of marriage, my dad calls my mum his girlfriend, kisses her in public and he is not ashamed to declare his love for her anywhere. And now some random boy is telling me to accept that i will marry an unfaithful man? No way! To whom much is given much is expected. I have seen true love and i'm gonna get mine! *wish me luck*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go shorty! It's ur birthday.

Yeah it's my day. *doing the dance* i'm really grateful for being alive, i thank God for all he has done and he is yet to do. My day has been wonderful, i've gotten various calls, texts and facebook wall posts. The highlight of my day was wen i grogilly picked up my dad's cal around 7a.m only to hear him and my mum singing me a birthday song and said a whole lot of prayers for me, it made me feel really special. I'm still collecting gifts by d way.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Karma is a bitch.

Hi, there, just dropping by sharply. Karma has been a nice bitch coz it's payback time for my ex. I wrote bout him in the post bout being plus size, the med student who kept giving me grief bout my weight and that was the disintegrating factor in the relationship. We are actually cool now and we sometimes talk. So yesterday dude calls me but i wasnt around to pick up so i returned his cal later and while we were talking, i could hear him huffing and puffing. I ask watzup wiv him and he says he his climbing up the stairs. Meanwhile, the last time i saw him was sometime last year and he was considerably chubbier but notin excessive. But obviously dude don chop himself to stupor. Lol. And can no longer run up a flight of stairs like he used to. The image of him struggling to climb the stairs makes me ridiculously happy. I grin silently anytime i remember. That's wat u get for giving me emotional torture. If i see karma, i'm gonna give her a huge, sloppy wet kiss. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. P.s: He who laughs last really laughs longest.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi, how are y'all doing? Well, me i'm gud, just chilling. I'm tired of apologizing for my erratic updates and i'm sure u guys are tired of hearing it, so let's call it a truce; when u see me, u see me and when u dont see me, u dont see me. (shikena) lol. There has been a lot of stuff happening, but top on my mind is this question: do i magnet unavailable men? I'm asking coz the last two guys i was with were kinda hooked up wiv sumone else. I usually dont have a problem with this arrangement coz it makes it easy for me to bounce when i'm fed up but these days i have a lot of free time to think bout it plus the fact that i've got 3 of them on my case right now; one has got a gf, the other one a baby momma and the third one a wife. Hilarious right? Or maybe not? Maybe i should start 'fasting & praying' about the "situation" abi i'm just paranoid ni? I'm gonna be 23 in less than a month, no longer a child so i think i should start taking things seriously. Is it my fault? What am i doing wrong? Also i wonder why some people love aproko so much, they wanna pry into everyone's life and know what is going on there. This is a major issue in the corpers lodge where i stay, funny stuff i tell ya and the funniest part is that the guys gossip the most. na wa oh! Imagine guys gossiping that a guy went into a girls room and did not come out till next morning. Ehen? So what? They are two consenting adults, graduates too. What i always tell them is to go get laid. Lol. In the same vein, i've realized some people that know me in person have discovered my blog. It kinda opens me up the more but i'm tired of hiding my self jo! So to you gossips, hope u like what u've read, u can like to bring ur friends and family over to read coz frankly, i'm past caring. Atm, I'm loving Jordin sparks 'battlefield' and Rhianna's 'rude boi' #greatsongs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Friends.

I woke up dis morning and for no particular reason, all i can think about are my friends. In uni, we were a group of 7 girls, we lived in d same hall, 5 of us studied the same course and the other 2 also studied the same course. We did everything together: ate together, played, fought, cried and laughed together, they were my support system and i could tell them anything on my mind, all i had to do was throw it open to the house. Well, fast foward to some 10 months after uni, we are all scattered all over Nigeria doing NYSC. I maintain contact with only 2 as the rest have gone AWOL. It just strikes me as funny coz we used to talk bout stuff we would do together in the future. Then again, they say 20 kids cannot play together for 20 years. *sighs*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My current state of Mind.

My insides feel weak, awful, like im gonna puke or something. I just broke up with him (was that even a relationship to start with?) well, we ended 'it' and i'm still trying to locate my feelings. Spliting up was definately the best option as the attraction between us was purely physical. I also found out that he has a girlfriend. We were togeda for d wrong reasons, I was curious about him coz of the air of mystery around him, like a man who's got a secret, he got closer to me coz he likes my guts, confidence and outspoken manner. He says the only time he gets to speak correct, fluent English is when he is with me, he says I have helped to develop his vocab and I challenge him mentally. INSULT!!! So the only thing I meant to him was a freaking dictionary? I'm the kind of girl that doesn't shut up for you in an argument just because u are a guy. Lai lai, find another excuse. I got the hint that he thinks we cant work coz I aint submissive (that word makes me laugh), It has been misconstrued especially by guys, they are quick to make reference to the Bible about submissiveness and they neglect the part where God asks the men to respect the women. I submit, you respect me bac and we are cool, but I submit and u walk ova me like a footmat, that aint gonna happen. I miss him, i can still smell him on my shirt from the last time he held me (sumbodi beg me to wash that shirt coz i still keep sniffing it). My emotions are all over the place, I feel like crap. Funny thing is that this dreadful feeling sets in wen it gets dark and i'm alone, then i find my thoughts going bac to him. But once it's daytime I get occupied and there is hardly any chance to mope over him. I know that i am strong, i can do this! I need u guys to pray for me so i can recover from a broken heart. P.s: I know it seems like i always come here to whine and complain, that's just coz this is the only place I can do that. I'll try to put up cheerful post though.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


*peeks in shyly, waves around* Hi, My name is sumptuous and this used to/is my blog. Well i'm back (hopefully). Thanks to every one that commented on my previous post giving me advice, to all my followers, thank you. I feel like I don't deserve you guys. It's been like 3 months now and I almost dont know how to blog again. I'm still serving naija in the niger-delta region sha, made a whole lot of friends, gotten closer to my roomies, cried a lot, laughed a whole lot more, watched a ridiculous amount of naija movies, fallen in love, fallen outta love again, i've even gone to hating and despising menfolk, but we are cool right now sha (I think!). My broda now has a black belt in Taekwondo (so dont mess with me). Somebody needs to tell my roomates to get off my case this morning. I said I'll go to church, wetin come remain? Stop dragging off my blanket jare, It's cold jo. Yeah, u guessed right, I'm in bed typing on my mobile. Ehen, I remember sumtin else, my bestie found my blog. This how it happened, u know me I kuku like story. Well, babes calls me up, tells me she just acquired a 'bb' and knowing that i be online junkie, she asks me fun stuff she could do online and I suggest reading blogs, I then text girlfriend a random blog address. Fast foward to around, I get a text from homegirl calling me a fool girl (I love u D) that she had read my blog, the blog address I gave her had me on the bloglist, she loved it and was thinking of starting hers. Now she says she will be anonymous and she wont gimme her address. Abegi, what does she wanna write that I dont know about? Mscheeew! Well, girlfriend, bring it ON, I'm gonna find you. I gisted my roomies bout how my mom always talks bout how her 'spiritman' does not agree to do something or some ish like that and I usually ask her why not 'spiritwoman' since she is a woman (hope u get my attempt at a joke, I know I suck). Well, my roomies now say 'spiritman' One told me while ironing her clothes that her spiritman told her to wear dat dress. Another one says she'll start creaming her body with groundnut oil coz of d harmattan. Crazy gals, I kid ye not. I've gotta go now, hope this counts as a post and I've been forgiven for my absence. My hand aches already and my tummy is rumbling. Peace out.