Thursday, June 24, 2010

It is finished

Hi people, it's been a while, let's just blame it on lack of inspiration. I just told myself i was to blog today, haba! wetin? 24th June 2010. NYSC is over and i'm gonna be getting my 'pali' (certificate) today. How i feel? Mixed feelings! I'm gonna miss ALL the friends i have made but at the same time, glad that i'm moving on. I miss my family die! It is with a heavy heart that i say good bye to the service year and I wanna thank ALL my blogsville friends for taking me thru this 'different' year of mi life. I'm highly grateful. Congratulations to my blog sista BBB too. Most importantly, shout out to Baba God for surviving one year in the niger delta. Ko easy mehn. P.s: I shall be back soon.