Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi, how are y'all doing? Well, me i'm gud, just chilling. I'm tired of apologizing for my erratic updates and i'm sure u guys are tired of hearing it, so let's call it a truce; when u see me, u see me and when u dont see me, u dont see me. (shikena) lol. There has been a lot of stuff happening, but top on my mind is this question: do i magnet unavailable men? I'm asking coz the last two guys i was with were kinda hooked up wiv sumone else. I usually dont have a problem with this arrangement coz it makes it easy for me to bounce when i'm fed up but these days i have a lot of free time to think bout it plus the fact that i've got 3 of them on my case right now; one has got a gf, the other one a baby momma and the third one a wife. Hilarious right? Or maybe not? Maybe i should start 'fasting & praying' about the "situation" abi i'm just paranoid ni? I'm gonna be 23 in less than a month, no longer a child so i think i should start taking things seriously. Is it my fault? What am i doing wrong? Also i wonder why some people love aproko so much, they wanna pry into everyone's life and know what is going on there. This is a major issue in the corpers lodge where i stay, funny stuff i tell ya and the funniest part is that the guys gossip the most. na wa oh! Imagine guys gossiping that a guy went into a girls room and did not come out till next morning. Ehen? So what? They are two consenting adults, graduates too. What i always tell them is to go get laid. Lol. In the same vein, i've realized some people that know me in person have discovered my blog. It kinda opens me up the more but i'm tired of hiding my self jo! So to you gossips, hope u like what u've read, u can like to bring ur friends and family over to read coz frankly, i'm past caring. Atm, I'm loving Jordin sparks 'battlefield' and Rhianna's 'rude boi' #greatsongs.


  1. Don't be fooled o, those guys love gossip most, lol. I wonder why there seem to be more unavailable guys, where are the single ones?

  2. the only difference btw guys and girls as far as gossiping is concerned is that we girld dont try to hide the fact that we gossip and love it. Guys are in denial.

    u must fast and pray o, haba from girlfrnd to baby mama to wifey, make dem no do meeting on top ur head. lol. Dont worry abt it too much, its not ur issue, only says a lot abt the guys that cant stay faithful

    rihanna's rude boy is catchy men but the video just makes me blush!