Monday, August 31, 2009


First off, I wanna say thanks to everyone that has read and commented on my previous posts. Thanks guys! In the short while that I've started blogging, I have come to the realization that reading and commenting on blogs is much more fun than writting. Some are born writters, some are born readers. I guess I belong to the latter. I wonder why it doesn't reflect on my grades sha (maybe it's because I read evrything except my school books). These days, I have been feeling too lazy to write and I dunno why but I'm gonna try. I've spent the last few weeks thinking of what I wanna do careerwise and relationship-wise and life-wise generally and I still dont have a clue (sad I know). I would like to be an on-air personality, I love radio, I always have my radio around me when I'm doing the dishes, bathing, reading, sleeping, basically everywhere. One of the things I miss most about Lagos are the radio stations. I like the job coz I get to dress the way I like coz the listeners can't see me, I get to hear all the music I want to, I get to talk (God knows how much I love talking), plus my friends also think that it is a good idea and the job will suit me, I'm the girl you come to when you buy a new phone and want to set the radio stations, but I'm not sure If it's the idea I like or the job itself plus my parents (mum especially) will object to that, she doesn't think its a 'proper' Job that I can do for long time, she thinks it should be a hobby. I'm thinking of getting my voice on CD's and going for auditions, I'll confront the parents when the time is right. I'm tired of the whole growing-up business, starting a career, a new life, getting married and the general challenges (I'm feeling the pressure already). NYSC is not even helping matters, I cant wait for this service to end, I feel like my life has been put on hold. Also, I can't seem to move on from 'Smiley', I wanna open up to someone else, but I think it's not yet time and I'm not yet ready. On a sad note, One of my besties 'AK' lost her mom. I pray God gives her and her family grace, strength and fortitude to bear the loss.


  1. I think you should go for it. Life is too short not to grab at whatever happiness we can get. Just yesterday, my dad was like if his kids dont wanna work in offices but start business instead, he'd support. I was like, huh? My dad is a career-oriented man and some sort of control freak so I was rather shocked! Sorry bout your friend's mum..

  2. 2nd! Getting so used to this place thing!

    Anyways i loved ur 1st post so ur def not a reader/commenter! I feel u on NYSC, its so annoyin. Go for ur dreams o, life's too fleeting for any other way.

    Sorry bout ur frnds Mum.

  3. Go for what you like. It may not be proper but u'll be fulfilled.
    sorry bout ur friend's mum.
    How's NYSC going?

  4. i think NYSC is a really good avenue cos it helps you to interact with people from different states,tribes and religion that you wouldnt have talked to otherwise.
    just do something that you are going to enjoy and have fun.

  5. yea go for it. They say if you do a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.. something like that sha.

    sory about your friend's mum..

  6. @Buttercup: Thanks, I guess the wind of change is blowing and parents now understand, cant wait for my folks to get the memo. @Neo: really? Thanks for d vote of confidence girl, I'll work on it. @Rene, Thanks, I'm hangin in there sha. @Leggy, I agree that it's a laudable idea, but the entire purpose has been defeated, courtsey of the Nigerian factor. @BSNC: That's true. Thanks guys, I'll definately take steps towards achieving my dreams.

  7. go for it did a radio show at uni once loved it bt was intervering with school work
    may ur friends mum's sould rest in peace
    thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  8. Sorry about your friends mum

    Listen to your heart and go after your dreams!

  9. follow your dreams gurlfriend!
    Sorry about your friend's mama. God rest her soul.

    First time here...convert!