Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kreative blogger tag

Chei! I haven't written anything in a while and cobwebs are beginning to gather on my blog. I saw this on Yinkuslolo's blog and seeing as my writting skills has been affected by recession, I am going to share 7 facts about myself. Be warned o, I am not an interesting individual. 1. I am a recluse, I can do without stepping outta the house as long as I've got everything I need inside. 2. I am highly uncomfortable with pet names, I dont mind being called one, I use them (only in writting) but I cant say them out coz it makes me feel awkward when I do. 3. I am that girl who always sits at the back of the class, with my ears plugged, my glasses on and I'm reading a book. Yup! That's me. 4. I hate attention. For example walking down the road and guys are starring or I get into a gathering and my peeps are shouting and calling my name and and other people are looking at me like "who is she?" 5. I am hydrophobic, agoraphobic, astrophobic too. (dang! that's a lot of phobia o, now i'm afraid of my phobias) 6. I have a short attention span (so short I think it might be a problem) for example, a two-hour class seems like forever and I am constantly tuning out. 7. I think guys with the 'R' factor sound sexy, It gets me everytime. Well, that's it! I guess you now have an idea of the inner working of my mind. Boring shey? Hope my life gets interesting soon.


  1. Hydrophobic ke? and phobiaphobic? lol

    Attention deficit Syndrom? Tell me abbourit, lol! I'm working hard at it. Not goodnews at all...mmm mmm!

    I don't b'live i was first!!!! *victory dance*

  2. @Ada; phobiaphobic? (lol) the attention thingy really bugs me coz I find myself constantly stepping down from 'cloud nine' @Ms,'dufa; yes o and me sef I dunno why.

  3. On the contrary i actuali like attention. :)
    first time here.
    update more oh.

  4. I like you don't like attention either. Makes me nervous. I do like it when it comes from someone special o.

  5. @penelope; different strokes for different folks, I guess. Thanks for stopping by. @Nice Anon; from someone special right? That makes two of us.

  6. first time here like it! i havee a low attention span to plus i'm afraid of heights .hydrophobic?sounds like water spirit o LOL